Schools install jammers to improve student concentration

The Pentagon has mysteriously tested a technology capable of blocking GPS in front of a large area. This feature can also be used in the Hongqi 18-1 Nellis Test and Training Area. Eye contact and distance affect how GPS users (especially other aircraft operating well outside the training area) are affected. The Department of Defense will conduct a wide range of combat operations in high-end exercises such as GPS wave jammers, further proving the seriousness of the threat posed by these new electronic warfare tactics. It is interesting whether the US Air Force admitted that the technology was indeed used for the red flags after the exercise was completed, but given the fact that a large number of positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) led to the loss of the GPS signal. interference in combat and navigation systems. In large-scale military exercises, these negotiations may become more common in the coming years.

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Ms. Li, director of the Suzhou High School principal’s office, replied that the school sets up cell phone beacons for classrooms on weekends, including up to three. “The mobile wifi jammer can only be activated during the test to prevent individual phenomena from occurring. To the student subconsciously, the organization of testing standards ensures objectivity and fairness. She said: “Schools do not encourage students to carry cell phones in general and stipulate that they cannot be used in classrooms and classrooms. Wu Tianyi, lecturer at Soochow University School of Education, said education should encourage achievement of educational goals. “Playing cell phones and games in the classroom will be serious. To undermine educational goals, installing a cell phone signal jammer in the classroom can stop this behavior and get education back on track. I strongly support this. “As he thinks, the students do not have sufficient civic capacity. Now, the school acts as a guardian to protect the best interests of the students, which may give students the right to temporarily suspend school. “

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