Let jammers become a powerful weapon to protect state secrets

Modern jammers are devices of small size and rectangular in shape. It is specifically used to completely suppress signals from gps or gsm devices, and can go further when the device is completely turned off.

As you know, cellphones have recently become a means of covert listening, retrieving secret data and voice information in the presence of the owner of the mobile phone. Just install special software or send SMS commands to listen to the phone and receive information through the phone’s microphone and camera, even if it is not a phone. Connection is in progress … you can eliminate this hidden information leak by disconnecting the phone. Mobile jammers will block the signal and disable eavesdropping. GSM error (a box smaller than a matchbox), and its operating frequency is the same as that of a telephone. The mobile signal from the GSM squelch prevented these erroneous operations and quickly drained the bad battery. The error will continue to try to connect. The landline blocker not only protects the allocated room from eavesdropping, but also drains the battery to quickly disable errors.

Portable Camouflage 6 Antennas 3G 4G GPS Cell Phone Lojack Jammer Signal Jammer

Jammers for cellular communications will soon be installed in public places to ensure national security. When terrorists use the phone to activate the fuse, the anti-terrorism function of the cell phone jammer is very important. Mobile phone jammers can interfere with the operation of your mobile device.

Mobile communication is a mobile phone jammer, a reliable device that can protect your information and keep state secrets safe. Along with other devices such as metal detectors, phone jammers are used to provide protection during public incidents.

It is important to remember that cell phone jammers and jammers should not interfere with jammers around you. The cell phone blocker is only used for personal safety and to prevent eavesdropping. Phones that speak in interference mode must not deprive others of the ability to receive communications. It is against the law.

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