UAV jammers play an important role in the security of government confidential information

The anti-reconnaissance management of the Guangzhou Municipal Government has been continuously upgraded, this time it is fully equipped with a drone jammer system. According to the current situation of many unmanned aerial vehicles flying everywhere, I also want to solve the problem of security in some controlled areas, which is to let Continue Reading

UAV signal jamming technology affects the GPS signal receiver of the UAV

When the drone is working, it needs to know its precise location, but the drone itself cannot obtain sufficiently accurate coordinate data. Therefore, the drone is equipped with a GPS signal receiver and uses a combination of GPS satellite navigation system and inertial navigation system. Flight control. The drone jammer technology affects Continue Reading

National Grid installs and builds drone counter-control equipment

In recent years, international and domestic terrorist activities have been active, and major vicious terrorist incidents have occurred frequently. Reliable power supply is related to social stability. Power grid facilities, as the main power equipment, are easily targeted by terrorists and are key targets for prevention. Anti-terrorism tasks are heavy Continue Reading