National Grid installs and builds drone counter-control equipment

In recent years, international and domestic terrorist activities have been active, and major vicious terrorist incidents have occurred frequently. Reliable power supply is related to social stability. Power grid facilities, as the main power equipment, are easily targeted by terrorists and are key targets for prevention. Anti-terrorism tasks are heavy and responsible. Big. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to equip switchyards and substations with UAV countermeasures systems.

Drone drive away

Currently, anti-UAV technologies in various countries are mainly divided into three categories. The first is drone jammer, which is mainly achieved through signal interference, acoustic interference and other technologies. The second is direct destruction, including the use of laser weapons and the use of drones to counter drones. The third is monitoring control, which is mainly realized by hijacking radio control. The second type of technology is mainly used in the military field. Texin Electronics is the first type of stationary UAV countermeasure equipment of China Southern Power Grid.

New UAV jamming blocker 2.4ghz gps l1 l2 5.8ghz 433mhz 868mhz the devices 6 antennas jammer

At present, the control of UAVs mostly uses radio communication technology. By transmitting high-power interference signals to the target UAVs and suppressing the control signals, the UAVs can be forced to land or return on their own. The counter-electron gun for emergency landing drones launched by Texin Electronics utilizes this principle. This gun installs an electronic jammer on the frame of the rifle. Once the trigger is pulled, the jammer will transmit a full-band jamming signal to the UAV, which will make the UAV out of the control of the operator and cannot receive the control signal. Automatically land to the ground. Li Xiaolin, a spokesman for Texin Electronics, said that once the UAV’s signal is in a state of confusion, it usually has three options: drop to the ground, return to the operator or descend smoothly. The effective range of this rifle is 1000 meters.

Electromagnetic suppression system

The electromagnetic suppression system can lock and attack the target while in motion, cut off the communication connection between the small UAV and GPS satellite signal, and the communication signal and image transmission signal of the remote control, so that the UAV can be smoothly suppressed and landed.

Grid equipment and substations are important facilities of a country, and their security level is no less than that of a theater command. The safety system of power equipment is related to the stability of society and the safety of the country. If it is not protected, no one will be able to bear the consequences. Therefore, under the trend of constantly updating new technologies, for electric power facilities, each country should deploy a large number of advanced weapons around, monitor and warn drones in real time, and strengthen daily management standards. If you want to attack it, the difficulty is not the same. Little bit.

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