Radio signal shielding: does not affect the candidates’ normal performance

In order to protect the interests of the vast majority of examinees, it is necessary to adopt necessary restrictive measures against the cheating of a small number of people. The examination management department adopted the practice of radio shielding.

During the test, the test room and the surrounding environment of the test room will be closely monitored in all directions. The monitoring stations and monitoring vehicles will all enter the state when they arrive. Part of the radio frequency range will be fully monitored. Once an abnormal signal is found, the signal jammer method will be immediately adopted. Block the signal. In addition, the technical staff can also judge the direction according to the direction finder and assist the relevant departments to find the cheating elements.

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Some parents of candidates feel uneasy about this, worrying that it will affect the normal performance of their children’s college entrance examination. In fact, these devices will not harm the health of examinees and test staff, and will not affect the normal answers of examinees.

Whether any kind of electromagnetic wave transmitting equipment is harmful to the human body depends on the human body’s specific absorption rate of electromagnetic waves. The highest radio frequency radiation safety standard SAR determined by the World Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection is 2.0, and my country’s standard is 1.5. The transmission power of the current wireless communication station transmission tower is generally 40W~50W, and the specific absorption rate of the human body to electromagnetic waves is below 1.0 when the distance from the transmission tower is 20 to 30 meters. The radio signal shielding equipment used in the examination room is a micro-power device, and its transmission power is generally less than 3W, and it is used in the corridor outside the examination room. In this case, the human body’s specific absorption rate of electromagnetic waves is minimal. Therefore, the radio signal shielding equipment used in the examination room does not pose a hazard to human health.

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