UAV jammers play an important role in the security of government confidential information

The anti-reconnaissance management of the Guangzhou Municipal Government has been continuously upgraded, this time it is fully equipped with a drone jammer system. According to the current situation of many unmanned aerial vehicles flying everywhere, I also want to solve the problem of security in some controlled areas, which is to let people find a suitable direction, so as to restrict the illegal behavior of using unmanned aerial vehicles.

World first 22 antennas Wireless signal jammer for full bands 5GLTE 2G 3G 4G Wi-Fi GPS

The degree of privatization of drones is getting higher and higher, and they can operate in a disorderly manner. Equipped with anti-UAV equipment, it is necessary to strengthen management while improving defense capabilities. Among them, UAV countermeasures are widely used in government agencies to achieve the basic functions of efficient defense. For the majority of managers, it is a good way to help science and technology.

After the introduction of the government logistics management personnel, this drone countermeasures equipment is a necessary method to meet the needs of modern management. Not only is it done well enough, but there is no special equipment in the process of countering drones. It will be difficult. Now that there are special equipment, there is no need to worry about drones coming again.

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