EOD jammers become the new favorite of South Korean anti-drug teams

It is common for Chinese security equipment to be widely used by other countries. Recently, the South Korean anti-drug team successfully completed the implementation plan during a confrontation with drug dealers. The security equipment used is an EOD signal jammer made in China, and at the same time this device has become the new favorite of the Korean anti-drug team.

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For this security equipment, the South Korean anti-drug team referred to similar products from many countries when conducting bidding and purchasing. After a comprehensive comparison, the anti-explosion interference suppression system produced in China was selected, and the bidding and procurement work was quickly completed. .

In fact, this device is also very popular in China by various military units. It is mainly used to reduce the opportunity for criminals to leak information during confrontation or law enforcement, and has very good portability. The device can be mounted in a car and used anytime, anywhere. More importantly, the digital interference technology it uses can fully cover all frequency interference frequency bands. It can be said that it is not only the top representative of China’s security equipment, but also the advanced technology and productivity of China’s security equipment.

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