The meeting room is equipped with a dedicated recording blocker to protect the business secrets of the company

The leakage of information by Internet companies is no longer a new topic. In the past two years, too many Internet companies have failed to implement their own security measures, leading to information leaks and losing the core elements of corporate competition. A few days ago, the news of Nanjing Internet companies vying to buy recording signal jammer was exposed again. Why the information leakage has been repeatedly prohibited has become the focus of public opinion.

MDPB-S108 Portable recording jammer device

In order to achieve confidentiality of the content of negotiations on various occasions such as conference rooms, there are really many new equipment that need to be guarded. The conference room is equipped with a special recording shield, which not only protects the business secrets of the company, but also provides a good opportunity to improve the safety factor of related negotiations.

The small environment of the conference room is an important place for internal meetings and business negotiations. However, to ensure that these important business secrets can be well guaranteed, it is necessary to fully consider the key points of security to achieve better The purpose of defense. The defensive effect and defensive function of the recording blocker is still very good.

Regarding the protection of business secrets of enterprises, considering the comprehensive effects of professionalism and shielding management of modern technological products has become the main condition. The conference room is equipped with a special recording shield, which has become a brilliant strategy to protect the business secrets of enterprises, and it is also a very important task in the process of practical business information assurance.

No matter it is a recording device such as a mobile phone or a voice recorder, the recording blocker cannot restore the original sound under the action of the blocker, which means that all recorded information is of no value.

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