Justin Bieber launches automatic drone detection and defense system to escort the tour

A few days ago, the Justin Bieber team officially announced that the tour will start next month and will perform for the first time in Las Vegas. The entire concert was originally planned for pre-sale of 100,000 tickets, but it was sold out in just one day. This means that when the concert is held that day, there will be 100,000 people entering the venue at the same time. In the face of such high-intensity security pressure, the organizer specially prepared an automatic drone detection and defense system to escort.

The case of Justin Bieber’s concert being harassed by drones has appeared many times. At the Chicago concert last year, five or six drones appeared on the stage at the same time, which had a great impact on the live performance. Therefore, in this year’s concert, the use of the drone jammer is also to prevent the scene of last year from being staged again.

Built-in battery portable drone interceptor rifle jammer

The UAV defense system used this time can be said to be powerful. It can quickly lock the specific location of the UAV within a few seconds and send a strong interference signal to shoot down the UAV.

Prisons have always had a strict management system, and the same is true for the management of prison airspace. Last month, a young man in Chengdu accidentally flew into the prison with a drone. The prison management immediately activated the drone countermeasure system and shot it down immediately. Subsequently, the management gave serious criticism and education to the guy who operated the drone.

The guy said that this drone was bought online for more than two thousand yuan. When he is fine, he likes to control the flight to take pictures of the scenery. When the drone arrives at the prison gate, he wants to fly in to see the prison. What did it look like inside? Just less than a minute after flying, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t receive any signal, so I hurried to the prison to admit my mistake.

After criticism and education, the guy has deeply realized his fault and also understood that in some regulatory areas, they will deploy and control drone countermeasures. The guy said that in the future, he will be more careful when controlling the drone and will never make the same mistake again.

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