The cell phone shielding system used in prisons is different from general civilian use

1. The area, scope, and building structure used by the two are different?

1.1 The prison shields the surrounding environment of the building (distance from other unshielded buildings and building structures), so the use area, range, and floor structure of the prison are shielded to ensure that the shielding area is very complex and special. In order to ensure the effect of the shielded area, ensure the normal communication between the shielded building and the unshielded area.

1.2 For civil occasions, the shielding is relatively simple and only temporary, so the construction in the use area, range, and ground is relatively simple and not easy to consider.

2. The purpose of the two is different?

2.1 The mobile phone signal blocking system puts forward higher requirements for professional modern communication signal blocking technology, especially in prisons and special environments. The mobile phone signal will change a lot with time. In prisons and prisons, it is usually in accordance with the requirements of the highest signal time, coupled with this power redundancy design, which is suitable for high-reliability secret occasions to ensure stable shielding effect Effective, this kind of shielding requires strict shielding, and it operates continuously 24 hours a day a year. Under such high-demand special circumstances, the purpose of a high-quality cell phone jammer system is to ensure safety and development.

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2.2 In the establishment of mobile phone signal shielding, the purpose of mobile phone signal shielding is to keep quiet and intermittent, that is to say, it is temporary, and the purpose of the two is completely different.

3. The consequences of failure or omission of the two are not the same?

3.1 In a highly demanding situation like a prison, if there is a problem with the signal cut-off system of the mobile phone, it is not difficult to imagine serious results.

3.2 Generally speaking, civilian use is not important. For them, whether it is good or bad is just a matter of talking about what will not be a consequence.

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