The police station closely deployed anti-drone equipment to combat high-tech crime

The form of high-tech crime is becoming more and more varied, and the use of drones has seriously affected the housing of the citizens and has become a major issue that bothers the public. This time, the use of drones was continuously discovered in a certain community. After the citizens called the police, the police station was dispatched in time and used anti-drone equipment to directly lay down the drones that were illegally operating and return them to a safe living environment. .

The operation of this new type of drone equipment, for any purpose, will have a negative effect on the residents’ psychology, especially if they fly around without an application, it is extremely dangerous and can easily cause panic among the citizens. This time the police station is dispatched to find safety for the citizens. This new type of anti-drone has made the citizens shine. It is safe and portable.

Schild Hochleistungs-Drohne-Störsender Handheld Portable Light Signal Drone Jammer

The appearance of the new drone jammer equipment not only has a very good use effect. According to the operator’s introduction, it has a high degree of automation, and the operation is very convenient. Basically, it can be operated independently without special learning. Now the police station is equipped with more, and some traffic police are also used in emergency duty. It is a very good practical equipment and has a good effect in fighting high-tech crime.

Pay attention to the rules for the use of drones. At present, the overall management is still not strict enough. Many people use drones to fly randomly, and it is a serious unsafe hidden danger. However, the security awareness of the residential property is very obvious, and the equipment is equipped with drone countermeasures, so that emergency situations can be handled accurately and promptly.

According to managers, this new UAV countermeasure system is very simple, not only easy to operate, but also has a very wide range of features in practical applications, ensuring that it can achieve better management, and it can be used in emergency situations. For emergency use, this equipment does not need to be practiced separately, and it can be easily operated under normal circumstances.

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