Problems encountered during the installation of jammers

Many problems often encountered during installation
1. The interfering antenna is not tight
Without Tianxin, the main symptom of this phenomenon is that some frequencies cannot be blocked. If this symptom occurs during the field installation, first check if the antenna is tight.

The main points of reinforcement of the antenna: because the antenna is composed of two moving parts (1 is a short connector; 0010010 nbsp; 2 is a connector;

This is an antenna pole), you need to manually tighten the bottom of the short antenna connector during installation.

2. Antenna connection error:
Each antenna on the host must be consistent with the corresponding frequency interface and cannot be connected incorrectly.

The optimum height for the second installation is approximately 1.7-1. 8 meters

The distance is the height of the cell phone jammer from the ground. This distance has the best shielding effect in the classroom.

3. Poor contact of the power cord connector.

When connecting the power cord, please be careful to find the corresponding excuse location and do not perform rough operations with force. In addition, if the power supply is not properly connected at the place of installation, the symptom is as follows: the indicator light (red light) of the cell phone signal protection is not on. Solve the problem of poor contact of the power cord on site: It is recommended to add a gasket to the power connector.

4. When the power light is off:

There can be three reasons for this situation:
1 Poor contact of the power cord
2 The diode breaks the lamp
3 The power supply itself is damaged. The standard is to check if the green LED of the power supply # 39 is on; It’s certain.
5. Some signals are unshielded, the reasons may be as follows:
1 Antenna coupling error
2 The antenna interface is not tight
3 A signal is displayed on the phone screen, which is an error signal (this phenomenon will appear mainly on Samsung and Nokia phones).
4 There may be a problem with the protective cover itself.

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