Reasons for the popularity of cell phone signal jammers

In recent years, another spyware (GPS tracker) has become popular. As manufacturers often point out, it is designed to control shipments. Law enforcement agencies, private investigators often use them, and even enviable competitors use them.

They are completely compact, easy to hide and simple devices. As a result, some people will be subject to such automatic monitoring. This is why the development of an anti-tracker cell phone jammer started.

These are specific modules that cannot calculate the position or coordinates of a person. Vehicles … Anyone who uses a tracker to monitor will only see “No data” or receive any data at all.

4G Mobile Signal Jammer

The suppressor guarantees the anonymity of the vehicle and prevents the collection of personal information via the GPS channel.

The device can successfully fight against all kinds of spyware which can harm everyone, not only in personal and professional life, but also throughout the organization. Therefore, in our reality, you cannot ignore them, you have to try to protect yourself, your loved ones and your employees from spy equipment. You can find instructions for self-assembly of the device.

The wave jammer can support signals of 800 MHz. The mobile device is tailor-made for her. The oscillatory wave generator serves here as a control generator. The equipment works well, but it definitely requires some skill to put it together.

The signal is received at a frequency of 45 MHz. The local oscillator port responds to this. As a result, interference occurs. When sending a signal from the receiver oscillator, the local oscillator port and the oscillator have the same resistance.

At the port of the last generator, the antenna is set to 800 MHz. The RF output is connected to an amplifier to increase the power of the luminaire to 16 dBm. After that, the augmented signal is sent to the antenna.

The DIY GSM jammer has the following features:
Adjustment method
Amplifier stage
Source of interference.
The jammer operates at different frequencies depending on the need to interfere with certain communication equipment.

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