The car GPS jammer is specially developed for drivers to protect privacy

Simply put, it takes advantage of the weaknesses of the network and essentially emphasizes using the weaknesses of the cellular network to get information when government officials need it. The idea is simple, all ordinary people want to know if they watch it.

The whole mobile jammer process began with the interception of over 1,200 emails between the major cellular network operators. After getting important information from the email, the NSA will create a backdoor and inject it into the network. Once infected, you can access the network anytime, which should be the main concern of everyday people.

The remote wifi jammer with a directional antenna is the most suitable device for indoor or outdoor use in a large area (theater, cinema, auditorium, meeting room). Due to the extended range (up to 150-200 meters), these devices can effectively inhibit the signal transmission and reception of various digital devices (from cellphones to hidden cameras or microphones), thus preventing the control of gadgets with remote control functions. The main function of a wifi jammer will increase power when used with a directional antenna (compared to conventional equipment). This is achieved by installing a special overhead wire on the suppressor.

Mini GPS Jammer

Cell phone interference with cellular network providers is the best shield as it protects important files including IR. 21. IR.21 documents are shared between network operators, so that they can manage communication with customers. This document provides information such as the encryption used on trunks and other important information. The NSA will use any information to benefit from it, which creates loopholes and can access the information at any time. Conflict with the American company’s GPS suppressor.

Vehicle mounted GPS jammer is mainly used for vehicle mounted GPS jamming positioning systems. With the development of science and technology, the car GPS jammers in the market are designed for car lighters, and can work while charging. It is a device used by many long distance bus drivers. GPS jammers are mainly used to avoid GPS positioning and anti-GPS tracking.

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