The cell phone signal jammer is a unique device

The signal blocking program was created to prevent communication equipment from functioning. The device uses the working frequency of the mobile phone, so that it cannot interfere with the operation of the mobile phone by receiving signals through the base station. If you want to turn off normal phone functions, all you need to do is install a phone jammer and the phone will stop receiving calls and messages within a specific range.

The cell phone jammer is a unique device. It will help you manage 4G, UMTS, CDMA, GMS, PHS networks. You can take your phone’s text lock with you because it is very compact and easy to hide. The built-in battery allows you to use the phone’s text lock for 5 hours. The device has an antenna that allows you to adjust the blocking range. This kind of cell phone signal protection is safe because it has no radiation and will not affect human health.
A cell phone signal jammer is useful for everyone because it is a multi-functional device. For example, cell phone signal jammers are ideal for schools and universities. If the teacher activates the cell phone signal protection function in the classroom, using the cell phone signal protection function can ensure that there is no cheating during the exam. Students’ cell phone work will be blocked and they will not receive the correct response message. In addition, the cell phone signal shielding function can help the boss to check the work of the employees. Therefore, your employees will not be distracted by information at work.

10 Bands Desktop High performance 5G cell phone jammer

So where is the mobile phone signal GPS jammers applicable? The range of cell phone signal shielding is still very wide. Some secret agencies, government and partisan agencies, universities, etc. can learn more about them.

The easiest way to protect yourself with a GSM jammer is to purchase a Universal Cell Phone Shield from our store. The device can cut off the radio signal at a sufficiently large distance. They are generally used in public places, conference rooms and headquarters.

GSM signal blocker can be portable or fixed and can eliminate cellular communication channels, wireless communication channels for cameras and microphones. The range of such equipment depends on many factors:

These devices only interfere with the specified frequencies, so all other devices within their range will operate as normal.

For example, if the GSM network is disabled, Wi-Fi will work. The mobile phone jammer has no effect on other equipment or personnel.

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