Will the jammer be affected by the wall?

The effective shielding distance of the cell phone signal wifi jammer refers to the indoor distance. There are not too many obstacles inside and there is some distance from the base station. The desktop multi-antenna signal shielding cover is used internally, and the shielding effect will be better.

In an open area, because there are not too many obstacles, the effective shielding distance can reach several hundred meters. It must be said that whether it is used outdoors or indoors, the effective distance from the jammer has some relation to the environmental conditions at the time. It is recommended to use a high power protective cover outdoors.

For example, distance from base station, location, etc. Therefore, when using a cell phone signal jammer, this factor should be fully taken into account to avoid shielding blind spots and affect the shielding effect.
So will the jammer be affected by the wall?

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In fact, we have analyzed this situation in detail
First, we need to know the strength of the test signal shield, since it has 12W, 16W and 18W. The actual range of different energy generations is different. For use in a small open space, it can only match the size of the classroom. However, if you wish to pass through a wall, there is no shielding effect after passing through the actual wall.

Therefore, if you choose a low power test GPS jammer, try not to go through the wall, you can equip each teacher with it, and if you choose a high power shield, you can use one machine to meet the needs of several classroom.

In general, there are still many questions about purchasing test signal shields.

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