Both ordinary jammers and high-power jammers can cut off wireless video or audio

First of all, this kind of adjustable high-performance mobile phone jammer with 8 antennas is very suitable for people living in EU countries/regions who need a multi-functional high-performance signal jammer. According to the design of 6 antennas, this EU-standard high-performance signal jammer can easily intercept GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G, WiFi, 4G and UHF signals at the same time, which is indeed very powerful. Pay attention to the interference distance. The powerful 3G 4G desktop Wimax GPS VHF UHF wifi jammer will also attract you. Depending on the signal strength of the location, the protection radius can reach 50 meters. In this case, the interference range requirements of a large number of people can be met.

Portable Camouflage 6 Antennas 3G 4G GPS Cell Phone Lojack Jammer Signal Jammer

Almost everyone now has a cell phone, and cell phones ring everywhere. More and more people are fed up with other people’s phone calls. You are trying to find a solution. The solution is a mobile phone jammer. Cell phone jammers are used to temporarily interfere with cell phone signals in designated areas. It prevents the signal transmission between the mobile phone and the base station. This is because the mobile phone jammer and the mobile phone work at the same frequency. To avoid interfering with the mobile phone signal, the jammer should be connected to the mobile phone regularly. Once the interference range is exceeded, the phone can work normally.

Whether you notice it or not, we have a lot of conversations every day. Just like sleeping and eating, talking and communicating are part of our lives. Sometimes we talk on the phone, sometimes we talk face to face. Some of our discussions are meaningless, but some of them may be very important to us. For example, our business discussions are very important. Another example is when we talk about privacy. For all these types of discussions, we need to find a way to ensure his safety and protect him from espionage. How can we protect ourselves from wireless audio and wireless camera recording? Jammers are wireless video and audio jammers. No one wants to lose property, no one wants to be robbed, no one wants to put their family in danger. The wireless video jammer may cut off the signal from the wireless camera and protect us by disabling its operation. The working principle of the audio jammer is the same, and all wireless recorders in a specific working area can be turned off. Another very exciting feature is that the audio jammer can block all eavesdropping devices by clicking on the phone or jamming the signal. The question now is how to choose a good wireless video or audio jammer. There are many types of jammers, such as B. multi-function jammers and single-function jammers. Such as portable and desktop jammers; like ordinary jammers and high power jammer.

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