Department uses jammers to declare war on cellphones

Illegal imprisonment of cell phones and smartphones: This phenomenon is spreading from north to south, it is the “weapon” against which the Ministry of Justice has decided to fight
Metal detectors and x-ray scanners are devices that can detect the presence of a phone, but there are also “cell phone jammer” that prevent the phone from receiving messages and other communications. The Ministry of Justice has declared war on the use of smartphones in prisons and has provided the prison police with a series of technical tools to track cell phones smuggled into detention centers. This phenomenon is still very common, but it is believed that 1886 were found in 2019, and in the first half of 2020 (data as of June 20) it reached 1091. Even in Secondigliano in April of last year, the police blocked a drone that entered the prison yard with six cell phones and SIM cards and battery chargers on board.

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Assistant Secretary of State for Judicial Affairs Andrea Kyrgyz addressed the meeting yesterday morning. He answered Marco Silvestina and Stefania Ascari and Sabri in the meeting room. Two parliamentary questions raised by Na de Carlo. Across Italy, from north to south, the illegal use of cell phones is rife in prisons. These cell phones are generally used to communicate with the outside world. As happened recently, organize riots or protests in prisons. The numbers say it all.

Citing several episodes reported by the deputy minister’s representative, between 2019 and June 11 and 22, 2020, 15 incidents were discovered at Velletri prison. In December 2019, it was discovered that he was using three cell phones. Phones are also circulating in Avellino, where some detainees have posted images taken in cells on social networks. Again in May 2020, “In the Bologna Dozza prison, a lawyer was arrested while attempting to deliver two smartphones with Sims and chargers to prisoners.” Finally, the drone caused a sensation. History “Blockade of the penitentiary police in prison” in April 2020: It has 6 mobile phones and associated SIM cards and chargers.

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