What Are The Features And Benefits Of High Power Cell Phone Signal Jammers?

This year’s Chinese college entrance exam has one key feature: the exam room uses cell phone signal jammers to ensure the fairness of the exam.

Cell phone signal jammers include high power cell phone signal jammers.

The high performance cell phone jammer for cell phones is a new product developed in accordance with the demands of the market using a special advanced technological approach. It can automatically create a shielding magnetic field within a certain area, making it impossible for cell phones, or create access in order to achieve the mandatory prohibition purpose.

3 Bands Portable Mini 3G GPS GSM Jammer

The main characteristics of high power jammer for cellular phones are high performance and shielding area. The use of high power signal jammers for cell phones can automatically create an effective magnetic field for shielding cell phone signals within a certain area.

Compared to other similar cell phone jammers, high performance cell phone signal jammers have the following advantages:

1. The four channels (four antennas) of the product are cross-shielded for a good shielding effect (shielding includes GSM, CDMA and PHS).

2. The shielding area can be set from 50 meters to 70 meters radius.

3. All the chips in the product use Texas Instruments chips to ensure the quality and stability of the product.

4. After-sales service: Three-year guarantee (one year for similar products).

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