Malicious destruction of signals by mobile jammers is illegal

Yesterday, Future Tense observed people using cell phone jammers to keep quiet on their way home from work. In response to numerous reports on this topic, the FCC today issued a clearly worded warning prohibiting the simultaneous use and sale of mobile phone jammers. According to the published FAQ (PDF), marketing the device can result in fines and even jail time.

“In recent days, there have been various press reports that commuters are using Cell Phone Jammers to create a ‘quiet zone’ on buses or trains. We are warning consumers to use cell phone or GPS jammer. or any other type of blocking, devices that interfere with or interfere with authorized communications and import, advertise, sell or ship such devices are illegal. The FCC Enforcement Agency has a zero tolerance policy in this regard and will take action active against offenders.

The signal jammer of the car GPS series is the third generation of the green GPS signal jammer

Wifi and GPS jammers are also illegal. The FCC said, “Mobile jammers cannot distinguish between social or other phone calls and emergency calls with family members or 9-1-1 emergency responders. GPS and Wi-Fi jammers can maliciously disrupt conventional and critical communications services. ”

Readers also pointed out that companies that sell cell phone jammers used by Philadelphians may not have a strong sense of privacy for their customers. Allegedly, someone from emailed the Philebrity blog to provide information on the model he purchased, date of sale, and other information. So even if the person sitting on the subway next to you keeps talking about their recent trip to a dermatologist, resist the urge to break up the conversation.

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