Mobile phone signal shielding solution for school examination rooms

The cell phone jammer in the school examination room is mainly aimed at the domestic college entrance examination, adult college entrance examination, self-study examination and various colleges and universities. During the examination process, some criminals use mobile phones to cheat. At the same time, it combines various intermediate and senior middle school students using mobile phones in class. The current situation of messy texting, as well as the annoyance and noise caused by mobile phones in serious places such as political organizations, various large, medium and small meeting rooms of enterprises, concert halls, and theaters. Carry out mobile phone signal interference according to the actual situation of domestic mobile communication. It can isolate GSM/DCS/CDMA/PHS/3G (TD-SCDMA/CDMA2000/WCDMA)/4G mobile phones within a radius of 1-20 meters (1-200 square meters). Signal, 2.4GWIFI wireless signal, make the mobile phone unable to make and answer, but it will not interfere with the work of other electronic teaching equipment, the mobile phone can be restored to normal use after leaving the partition range.

World first 22 antennas Wireless signal jammer for full bands 5GLTE 2G 3G 4G Wi-Fi GPS

2. Mobile phone shielding system solutions for school examination rooms
1. The influence of the layout of each building in the examination room
According to the design plan of the scale, number of buildings, structure, size, and floor height of each examination room, the distribution direction, power, topography and other factors of mobile phone base stations around each examination room are different, and the strength of mobile phone signals transmitted from remote base stations is also different. There is no difference, how to arrange the points in each examination room needs to be designed according to the actual on-site situation!

2. Selection and technical indicators of shielding equipment
Properly plan the selection of shielding equipment based on the project. The selection of shielding equipment should pay attention to the size of its shielding radius (ie power), performance stability, life span, etc., and also decide whether to select the same according to the site environment. Consider using a mobile phone signal jammer with adjustable radius (that is, adjustable power), or using a directional antenna to control the main emission area (direction) of the shielded signal.

3. Product recommendation of school test room signal jammer

Product introduction:
SQ-B09 mobile phone signal jammer is mainly used for domestic college entrance examination, domestic postgraduate entrance examination, adult college entrance examination, self-study examination and various colleges and universities examinations, as well as various middle school, technical secondary school, and vocational high school students use mobile phones to surf the Internet, play games, and send WeChat during class time , Watching videos, etc. cause adverse effects.
The product developed according to the actual situation of domestic mobile communication, the machine is cost-effective, the product quality is excellent, the parameter index reaches the leading level, and it is easy to use. It is especially suitable for large-scale college entrance examinations, adult examinations, postgraduate entrance examinations, judicial examinations and other provincial and municipal examinations.

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