How should the signal jammer in the examination room be used reasonably?

The test room signal jammer is a standard equipment in the test room, which provides a basic guarantee for a fair and just environment in the test room. But if we don’t use the equipment correctly, it will have poor results and even cause an accident in the examination room. Let me introduce you to the correct use of the shielding device.

After a long time operation of the test room signal jammer, it is normal for the ambient temperature to be around 40-50°C. If the ambient temperature is too high, you need to shut down and wait, contact the manufacturer to negotiate maintenance methods.

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The effective shielding area of ​​the test room signal jammer will be different in different application sites. This is directly related to the signal field strength of the venue. Different types of mobile devices have different shielding areas in the same venue.

The reasons that affect the shielding area are related to the distance and direction of the shielding equipment, whether there are obstacles, the wall material of the site building, the relative height of the shielding device, and the installation standard specifications. Each antenna has a frequency band mark, which needs to correspond to the frequency band mark on the host. Before the test room signal jammer is activated, it is necessary to ensure the safety and reliability of each antenna connection, and it must not be possible when the antenna is not connected. Started to use.

In order to better avoid the interference of electronic equipment during the application process of the signal jammer in the examination room, it is necessary to keep a certain distance from the audio radio and other equipment. The normal installation height is 1.8 meters-2.5 meters, and it is best to choose a place where there are no obstacles between the target shielding area. When installing the wall-mounted shield, keep the antenna vertically upward, and the antenna placed on the desktop must be vertical 90 degrees, and there must be no AC voltage or other audio and video lines around the antenna.

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