What determines the shielding range of the mobile phone signal jammer?

I believe everyone is already familiar with mobile phone signal jammers. Nowadays, all kinds of jammers on the market are constantly appearing. Everyone claims that their jammers are very good, and all jammers are effective. The shielding range, then, what determines the effective shielding range of the shielding device? Let’s take a look together below.

The size of the power of the shield body. Nowadays, there are many 5W fuselages on the market, but the actual power 1W is not available. Therefore, it must be actual power. The shielding range is about 1-10 meters, and the shielding range is 10-30 square meters for the low-power fuselage within 1W. Remember, this type of fuselage cannot pass through walls.

Because there are base stations around. Normally, there is a base station within 100 meters. If you buy a low-power body, it basically doesn’t work because the signal strength of the base station is too strong. It is recommended to buy a mobile phone signal jammer with a little power, which accounts for 2W per channel. There was a customer who had a mobile base station on the roof, which meant that the equipment was useless. This is difficult for anyone to solve. Unless it is to buy a super-powered body.

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The place where the cell phone jammer is installed is a concrete wall or a glass partition wall. The usual shielding device has no effect through the wall. Like many customers, come to consult us. Children play games alone in the room. Can they be shielded by a partition wall? The price is low. It is difficult to achieve a situation like this. Usually, the price of the shielding instrument through the wall is very high, at least above 700.

It is recommended that before mass purchase, the best way is to use a field wall instrument to check the signal level of your installation environment. The other one is to buy a few fuselages with different powers, test them and see how they work, then decide which one to choose. In summary, the shielding range of the mobile phone signal jammer is not solved by a single factor.

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