Many parents agree to use signal jammers

With the popularity of smart phones, more and more children begin to enjoy mobile messaging and various types of social activities. This is a national and international issue. Both children and adults use crutches. No action seems to be taken to stop them. So Liptak thought he was just interfering with her. As WTSP-TV reported, he used a signal jammer, and suddenly the classroom fell silent. Well, relatively peaceful. Can students use mobile phones in class?

Some parents may think that children should use mobile phones to deal with possible dangerous situations. But how does the school guarantee the use of mobile phones? The head of a school in Philadelphia recently tried to explain to parents that their school only answers calls from children who will not stop using them for a few weeks. The parents were not impressed. Some people think that if children are taught not to use mobile phones in class, then all they have to do is teach them to respect mobile phones. But when they see their parents cooking with them, or even driving on the street, what should their children think? Should teachers use cell phone jammers?

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“This is the structure of a standardized test site. The officials of Chengdu University of Technology said that the mobile phone signal shielding device installed in the new teaching building was carried out in accordance with the requirements of the standardized test room. Only the new building is installed here. All installation work has not been completed yet. He also said that the jammer will be turned on in the unified requirements of the four or six examinations to be held in December.

Does the student know? The reporter interviewed Ms. Cao who was studying in the second classroom. She told reporters that she did not know that it was used as a standardized test site. “But I think taking an exam or opening the anti-theft lock device is very helpful to prevent students from cheating. Of course, more or deliberately asking students to check the anti-theft lock device will not have much impact. Cao said.

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