Is it necessary to use a signal jammer in class?

There is not enough reason to use a mobile phone during class time. If an emergency is really needed, then any campus can allow students to use the phone. 99% of the time in school is spent on texting your friends with your mobile phone in class, taking pictures, surfing the Internet, and “passing time” through social networks in teacher lectures. On campus, turn on the mobile phone shield switch to encourage students to pay more attention to education during class time. Once the school is over, they are not restricted by the teacher, they can turn on the phone again, and they will provide services for whatever they need. Moreover, the operation of the mobile phone jammer is very simple, with only one On and Off switch.

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In order to prevent students from texting or making phone calls in class, many middle schools buy cell phone jammer.

The purpose is to prevent students from not paying attention in class. The principal said: “I think this is what we really need.”

The school is currently under discussion. The interference device is turned on during school hours and turned off after lunch and school.

“We believe that even in school, parents need to keep in touch with students, and students also need to contact parents.” However, the school allows students to bring their mobile phones to school, but they must be closed in class.

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