The signal shielding of the mobile phone jammer has become more humane and convenient

With the rapid development of the modern information age, there are more and more secret and security issues in wireless communication, and outstanding performance in different fields. Especially in recent years, the secrecy and security of my national defense information, economic information, and scientific and technological information have continuously been severely challenged at home and abroad. Under modern information technology, because the shielding device of mobile phones is very important, South Korea also prohibits the carrying of mobile phones in military training and activities. Don’t take your mobile phone to important places. Overseas intelligence bureaus, military forces, and important government agencies strictly use mobile phones. Even if it is turned off, mobile phones are prohibited.

8 Bands High Power Desktop Jammer For CDMA GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI Frequency

The emergence of mobile phone jammers has promoted more user-friendly and convenientĀ cell phone jammer. The joints are lined with additional points to ensure the continuity of electricity and magnetism. The cabinet door is installed on the shell with stainless steel hinges. After the cabinet door is closed, the cabinet door and the conductive gasket installed on the drawer are clamped by positioning and clamping by bumps. , To ensure benign contact and effectively achieve the effect of electromagnetic shielding, it is very convenient to use.

In the process of use, when placing the mobile phone signal jammer, it should be placed on the ground in a balanced manner without shaking, and the back side should be used against the wall. Put the main cabinet on top of the storage cabinet, align and lock it to the snap fasteners on the left and right backs. Pay attention to the up and down direction of the main cabinet and use it in accordance with the instruction manual. You can buy with confidence when you buy it. Mobile phone jammers are all tested and certified by the National Secret Technology Evaluation Center.

The mobile phone jammer is equipped with two sets of keys when it leaves the factory to open the left door of the main cabinet door, and extract the spare key for safekeeping. At the same time, the master key is kept or distributed in a centralized manner, the corresponding number of drawers is opened with the key, the mobile phone is stored in the flannel drawer, and the drawer is locked to achieve the function of shielding mobile phone signals. In the process of manufacturing, the mobile phone shielding device is fully guaranteed to have the same shape and size, beautiful appearance, soft and comfortable feel, and it is very convenient and fast in the process of use. After closing the cabinet door for 30 seconds, the mobile phone can suppress signal leakage and realize effective shielding and protection of signal resources.

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