When harmless wireless products block cellular and GPS devices

If this happens rarely due to malfunctions, wireless products around us may cause interference that we don’t even know about. The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) used two stories that were shown that year to illustrate this point.

In mid-February, a company specializing in professional GPS and Galileo equipment (used for high-precision geolocation) contacted ANFR and asked about signal jammer affecting its activities.

The company was able to self-diagnose the problem-“Pulse interference centered on the 1581.15 MHz frequency permanently disrupted the reception of GPS L1 and Galileo E1 signals in the 1575.42 MHz frequency band”-but did not find the source of the problem.

The latest mobile 4G hand signal jammer with a plastic shell

With the help of a directional device, ANFR personnel sent to the crime scene found the building emitting the signal, and then found the exact apartment with the help of a portable receiver with a directional antenna.

“The resident, an elderly lady, allowed them to enter their residence. Soon, people no longer had any doubts: it was just… an Internet box! It emits harmful radiation in the frequency band reserved for GNSS. Although. This box is flawed, and it continues to provide good Internet access-while interfering with sensitive frequency bands reserved for civil aviation, defense and space!”

The operator who did not make a request promptly replaced the defective box upon request.

The second most recent story involves an operator who is a victim of a 3G antenna failure in Gard. Mobile operators suspect that they are repairing electric vehicles (not designated brands).

According to ANFR’s inspection, this car is the source of the problem, but due to its connection and non-electric characteristics:

“It turns out that it is equipped with a discrete communication box, TCU or telematics control unit, which is equipment for some electric vehicles. With its SIM card, the TCU can communicate with the dealer network, especially informing them about battery usage. , The number of kilometers traveled or the normal operation of GPS. […] But you have: this problematic TCU has generated unnecessary permanent radiation in the 900 MHz frequency band, which interferes with the relay antenna and all antennas. Surrounding telephones .”

In order to solve this problem, it is impossible to simply deactivate the SIM card, because if it is not connected, the car may cause some inconvenience. After several hours of work-the dashboard must be completely removed-the mechanic was able to reset the TCU, thus ending the malfunction.

ANFR said it is particularly vigilant for connected electric vehicles, as it is currently investigating two other failures. In all respects, the IAEA reminds that the use of frequencies, equipment or radio systems to interrupt the radio broadcasting of authorized services without following the prescribed conditions is punishable by six months’ imprisonment. A fine of 30,000 euros was also imposed.

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