Will the mobile phone signal jammer interfere with other electronic devices when it is working?

The mobile phone signal jammer can only shield the mobile phone signal without affecting other electronic devices. The electromagnetic signal emitted by the mobile phone signal jammer is completely within the working frequency band of the mobile phone stipulated by the country, which will only block mobile communication. And this Continue Reading

What is the transmission frequency range and related principles of the mobile phone signal jammer?

Effectively shield CDMA (China Telecom), GSM (China Mobile, China Unicom), SCDMA (Netcom Da Lingtong), DCS (1800MHz), PCS (1900MHz), PHS (Telecom PHS), 3G mobile phone signal, 4G mobile phone signal, 24G WIFi , 5.8GWIFI, UHF, VHF walkie-talkie signals and other mobile communication signals The principle of radio communication: within a certain Continue Reading

Mobile phone signal shielding solution for school examination rooms

The cell phone jammer in the school examination room is mainly aimed at the domestic college entrance examination, adult college entrance examination, self-study examination and various colleges and universities. During the examination process, some criminals use mobile phones to cheat. At the same time, it combines various intermediate and senior middle school Continue Reading