Illegal jammers can cause serious damage

Mobile jammers were originally developed for law enforcement and the military to interrupt communications between criminals and terrorists. The bomb that destroyed the commuter train in Spain in March 2004, the Bali bomb in October 2002 and the Jakarta bomb in August 2003, all of which rely on cell phones to set off explosives.

Usually, when the chair is doing outdoor activities, he or she will take a measure called “interference” in and around the room, that is, interference with radio waves.

This is the reason for the security guards. This is a measure aimed at preventing the president’s movements from being denounced. Even if a terrorist organization installs remote control explosives, it will launch¬†cell phone jammer¬†to prevent explosions.

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The principle of parasitic behavior is as follows. The machine emits a strong radio frequency, and the machine rejects the existing frequency and receives the strong radio frequency, causing instant interference or malfunction.

North Korea attempted this type of interference last night, but the intensity of the radio waves was not strong, so the damage did not appear to be significant.

What happens in everyday life if damage is caused by the emission of very strong radio waves?
First of all, there was some damage yesterday, but the fishing boat’s navigation system using GPS is malfunctioning, so it is difficult to use.

In addition, the automatic navigation systems of aircraft using GPS may be affected.

If you are affected and the plane deviates from its course and makes a mistake, that will be a big deal, right?

If the car navigation system installed on almost all vehicles is also affected, the car can go to the mountains or to the sea, right?

If the operator’s base station is affected, the cell phone may not burst.

Therefore, unexpected illegal interference can cause serious damage.

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