The jammer can be used in small private cars

These jammers are usually combined with cell jammers in a device. It is designed to block the data transmission channel of wireless cameras. This provides additional protection against information leakage.

If such interference is activated in the room, the router will not work except for hidden surveillance cameras. Wireless keyboard and mouse. Truck drivers and courier service vehicles are equipped with GPS beacons, allowing employers to monitor the location of employees. However, you can use anti-tracking programs to protect yourself from such surveillance.

The GPS Anti-Tracker is a small device installed in the cigarette lighter of the car, which can block signals from GPS and GLONASS satellites. Some anti-tracking devices also contain GSM jammers.

The hijackers also used GPS and Glonass jammers to prevent the tracking of stolen vehicles. These phone jammers can be used in small private cars, taxis, shops and other places for “Dacha Radio” and “Retro FM” listeners. The microphone jammer is included in the eavesdropping kit complete with cell phone jammer and Wi-Fi / Bluetooth jammer. There are two ways to prevent recording.

The signal jammer of the car GPS series is the third generation of the green GPS signal jammer

Ultrasonic suppression. The device generates ultrasonic waves that the human ear cannot perceive, but it generates interference, which prevents the recording of smartphones and handheld recorders.

Sound suppression. This device may cause “vocal choir” interference that may be heard by humans.
“Microphone jammers” typically weigh a few kilograms, look like regular speakers, and look organic from the inside out. Use the remote for control. Can be hidden in the pocket of the remote control. In order to discreetly suppress the radio signals of others, jammers are sold in online stores and disguised as miscellaneous items. The portable jammer has a range of up to 15 meters and can be disguised as a wallet or a pack of cigarettes. It is a more powerful universal jammer for briefcases, diplomats or internal details.

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