Jammers Help Churches Fix Cell Phone Ringing Problems

This type of blocker is very simple. The device can serve as a noise generator for the following devices: The principle of operation of a high power jammer is to inhibit the connection of the mobile phone, that is, the return signal is blocked. Therefore, calls from cell phones within range of human interference cannot pass the so-called protective barrier. Now you can be sure that inappropriate calls won’t bother you immediately.

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When similar GSM jammer appeared on the market, people were immediately interested. They are not security structures, but artists! Nowadays, cell blocking agents are used more and more in cultural activities, and every artist is relieved. After all, you can now work calmly. Much remains to be done before the introduction of GPS jammers. One day in Copenhagen, while playing in Symphony Hall, a cell phone rang. At that time, the conductor stopped playing, and the musicians started playing the melody from the beginning. Pianist Andreas Schiff was not that patient with concerts. He was strong, brave, and could tolerate two phone calls, but when the hall rang for the third time, he stopped playing and left the stage. The pianist recommends that the audience take a break to cough, call a friend or make noise.

In addition, interference is widely used in the church! The mobile phone interception plan assumes that, depending on the type, these jammers can cover any type of room. The church usually installs several cell phone jammers, and now maintaining service has become a matter of not being disturbed by phone calls. Before that, the popes often complained to each other, and their patience would soon die out, because hearing a phone call in the church was unbearable.

Initially, only in a few churches installed with the device, mobile phone suppression can be achieved by experiments. However, the experiment turned out to be successful, and now most churches have gotten rid of interfering calls with the help of jammers!

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