Jammers stop illegal drones

The importance of jammers for illegal drones is obvious. Meanwhile, everyone knows that black drone theft incidents often occur. It is so small that it can be used for prying eyes, it is so large that it can be used to steal state secrets and military secrets, and it is so small that it can fall and injure people. people, and this can cause the airport to close. Aircraft delays and stranded passengers had serious consequences; therefore, during this period, national laws are constantly improving, and legal documents are issued one by one to strengthen the control and registration of real-name drones; we are not talking about politics here, but simply in the analysis of defense against drones and countermeasures against drones.

The drone control method is as follows:

1. This method of shooting with a gun seems to be more enjoyable, not only can be controlled, but also can be destroyed, the damage rating is five stars, but there is some problem, that is no more headaches, the shooter must shoot accurately, not the Olympic champion Even if you are not shy, you must find the right time. Once you’ve laid it down, you shouldn’t hurt others. It is important to hang up. In addition, you must remember the location of the hit. When it falls, you have to find it. It’s a headache, how many people need it? The last question is who can fly!

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2. Using a net to catch a gun is similar to shooting a gun, the difference is that the point of the gun is a sharp point and the net is drawn here. It seems that this technology has been improved to reduce destructive power and increase accuracy, but the problem is that the prerequisite is that the drone must fly lower, the artificial station is higher, and the practicability is very low.

3. UAV wifi jammers are also mainstream technology. Blocking the drone’s remote control signal through high power transmission will result in loss of control of the drone. Usually, drones can be shot down directly, and smart drones can also be unmanned. Airborne interference will interfere with GPS and Beidou signals to prevent drones from returning home;

There are two types of interference with drones:

1). The portable drone jammer requires human investigation, and it turns out that manual intervention of the portable UAV GPS jammer can achieve the control effect. The control distance can usually reach about 2 kilometers;

2). Base station type UAV jammer Base station type UAV jammer is mainly intended for a larger control area, preventing the UAV from entering the control area, greatly reducing the potential risks to the security; it can be used without a large number of personnel; distance: 6-8 kilometers Can.

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