Choose different jammers for different environments

The development of smart phones makes people more and more dependent on cell phones, they are too addicted to cell phones and rely on cell phones, they cannot quit cell phones, especially mobile phone addiction among young people . Relying on cell phones has always been the center of social attention. Schools are using bluetooth cell phone jammers to prevent students from relying on symptoms, which has worked to some extent. In addition, they use cell phones to cheat on exams. This violation forced schools to install cell phone jammer to intercept cell phone signals and prevent cell phones from connecting to the Internet. During the test, turn on the cell phone jammer to prevent students from cheating and ensure the fairness of the test. In a way, using cell phone jammers in schools is a good thing.

5G telephone signal blocker

Each environment has its specific characteristics, so you should evaluate the use of mobile GPS jammers in order to choose the mobile jammer that best meets your needs.

The actual range of the jammer depends on its power and the local environment, which may include hills or walls of buildings that block the jamming signal. Low-powered jammers can block calls within a radius of about 9 m (30 feet). Higher wattage units will create a unitless area as large as a football field. A device used by law enforcement can interrupt services 1.6 km from the equipment. Buildings, construction materials, telephone signals, regional organizations, etc. In the region. Many types of influences occur during transmission, namely shadow effect and Faraday cage effect, both of which greatly affect the propagation of interference. signal. The signal strength in this area will affect the area where the signal is blocked. In the areas where the power is -75dBi or more, it can even turn off the power, so that the power of the cell phone jammer is less than 10W.

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