Jammers are the simplest investment to protect privacy

When the rotor spins and the fuselage flies through the air, the drone can be very dangerous when the flight does not go as planned. The Federal Aviation Administration has taken a cautious approach to drone trade policy, which has met with opposition from many, but the point is that there are real dangers, including bad actors using cheap GPS jammers.

GPS jammer technology is constantly evolving, and its size and cost continue to decrease. Today, jammers can be purchased online for as little as $ 50. The threat to military resources has long plagued people because the delivery of commercial drones has become a reality and attacks have become pervasive around the world. Now, this threat affects commercial, law enforcement and defense drones that perform critical tasks.

GSM UMTS 4G WiFi 2.4G / 5.8G GPS 10-wire portable jammer has good heat dissipation

In the carefully planned light show in Hong Kong in 2018, the jamming device knocked 46 drones out of the sky. The resulting material and property damage is estimated at HK $ 1 million. Almost all drones have security protocols that can send them home or reach a safe landing spot if interference occurs. However, these functions proved ineffective at the Hong Kong Expo.

“These drones have adopted technology that can bring them back to the origin of takeoff,” Anthony Lau Junxun, director of the event’s board of directors, said in an interview with the South China Morning Post. “But the signal is so strong that many signals are just falling from the air.”

Drones and their services absolutely depend on GPS signals. Even though the drone can be equipped with another method (INS / OPS), GPS reference is still needed for positioning, navigation and stable operation. Therefore, GPS attacks are the easiest way to drop drones and protect privacy and property.

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