The priest used a jammer and got police support

Perhaps you think Father Madonna’s private use of cell phone signal jammers is indeed appropriate? According to him, his actions were supported by the local police. But, of course, not everyone appreciates the priest’s measure and the local traders are very unhappy. They said the pastor’s signal shielding was interfering with their credit card machines.
Now, even while praying, people are increasingly unable to leave the phone. For Michel Madonna, the pastor of Nostra Signora del Sacro Monte Church in Naples, Italy, this problem is painful. According to GG’s list; quotes and daily mail; the report says the godfather finally found a solution to the unit’s signal jammer. Madonna bought the device for $ 60. The priest said that she did not do this because of her lack of patience, but because she advised people to turn off their phones and pray intensely with an awkward expression.

High power 30W effectively shields 2G 3G 4G 5G cell phone signal and WIFI signal jammers

Rated output power, rated gain and input level of the mobile phone signal GPS jammer.

It is a series of related indicators and should be viewed in a holistic way.

Generally, if the maximum output power does not exceed the maximum limit specified by the radio administration of the Ministry of Information Industry, the maximum output power should be divided into several levels, and users can choose from them.

Therefore, the downlink is generally larger than the uplink.

The gain is used to amplify the received signal to the nominal output power. Taking into account the difference in signal strength of the repeater installation position, the gain should be adjustable. The maximum gain can be calculated by boosting the level of the signal received by the repeater to the maximum output power.

In order to ensure stable output power and avoid output non-linearity, it seems necessary to do automatic gain control up to dB20dB.

Regarding tolerance, rated output power, and rated gain, only one is needed. In general, the gain tolerance should be specified. Since the test involves adjusting the gain to the maximum, please change the input level so that the output reaches its nominal value. Of course, in this case the rated power does not need to specify a tolerance and at this time the input level also changes with the gain.

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