How important is the GPS jammer for the safety of your family

How important is the GPS jammer to your personal safety and that of your family?

Whether you are looking for a commercial good or tracking the location of your loved ones, GPS trackers have become undeniable and reliable products. However, users are increasingly dependent on these elements, which gives hackers even more reason to distort the system. Of course, any potential interference with the operation of these devices could seriously affect their performance.

GPS tracking equipment is mainly used for real-time location tracking, property and family tracking. Over the years, surveillance equipment has been used to carry out legal tasks, including rescue missions, monitoring sex offenders, or monitoring inmates on probation. In addition, it can also be used to locate and protect fleets. The device can help fleet managers protect their vehicles and ensure rapid recovery in the event of property theft, so businesses can benefit from lower insurance premiums. In fact, these tracking devices have been used to visualize the whereabouts of spouses in order to understand potential cheating behavior.

green GPS signal jammer

For these reasons, people obviously need to block GPS to make sure their equipment is still working. However, the irony is that GPS tracking devices can also endanger personal safety and security. If terrorists can get important information about the location of government property and even his wife tries to catch her cheating husband, GPS signals can also be used to destroy things.

GPS signal jammers and other signal suppression devices

Different methods of masking or corrupting GPS signals will also depend on the type of monitoring equipment used. The easiest way to avoid being tracked is to destroy the GPS device and make sure it will not be restored. However, if you intend to secretly tamper with the installer without knowing it, using these tools may simply prevent or weaken the transmission of the tracking device:

1. Metal shield
This is a cheaper option. Simply use any metallic coating (such as brass mesh or lead lens film protective film) to encapsulate the tracker. The thieves reportedly used refrigerated trucks to transport vehicles fitted with GPS tracking devices to avoid prosecution.

2.GPS wave jammer
GPS blocks are mainly sold online. Now, connecting it to the vehicle’s 12v adapter may damage the GPS radio signal within a certain range.
3. Cell phone signal jammer
This device is a mobile phone encryptor, which means it can avoid the use of mobile phones. If an automatic tracking device is used, the jammer will prevent the wireless tracking device from sending location updates in real time.

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