The jammer design is getting better and better and the performance is better

Jammers were invented to help people solve various problems caused by mobile phone radio signals and wireless connections. Each of them is designed to work in a specific frequency range.

Now, jammer designs are increasingly inclined to give full play to performance. This means that paper jams will prevent more and more frequency
This device is designed to block signals in environments that do not require mobile phone activities (such as theaters, churches, classrooms, libraries, and operating rooms).

A personal portable jammer allows its owner to prevent other people nearby from using the phone. Easy to use and transport. Desktop jammers have better jammers.

New powerful mobile phone WIFI GPS LOJACK UHF VHF signal jammer

Interference performance and greater interference range
Classification of wifi signal jammers

1. According to the shape, it can be divided into: portable signal jammer, desktop signal jammer, cable box signal jammer, base station signal jammer.

2. Basic signal shielding can be divided into: GPS shielding, mobile phone signal shielding, WiFi shielding, drone shielding, and multi-function shielding.

Currently, this type of equipment is used in many fields. Now, it has been widely used in schools, government agencies, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, theaters and other places.

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