What are the components of the wireless signal jammer?

We may use devices such as wireless signal jammers in certain areas or times in our lives, but do you know the composition and placement of wireless signal jammers? Next, let’s take a look together:

Wireless signal jammer components generally include: host, antenna, power adapter. The signal shield in the equipment, because there is a strong signal magnetic field (usually 20-30 cm) around the host and the antenna, and there must be magnetic field interference around the 220V line (usually 5-10 cm), so how to connect the equipment It is very important that the positions of the various components are placed together. If the positions are not correct, it is very likely that the transmission of the shielding signal will be interfered and the shielding function of the device will be affected.

Desktop CDMA GSM jammer

The device spacing of each part of the cell phone jammer is as follows:

The power adapter should be more than 20cm away from the host; (If the signal jammer cannot be far away from the power source due to the limitation of the field device environment during the installation process, the power adapter can be placed under the jammer host. After this method is selected, the power adapter remains It will be interfered by the strong magnetic field from the main unit of the mobile phone jammer, but the interference is less than when the power adapter is placed on both sides of the main unit. There is no strong electric line (AC220V) within the size of 20cm around the antenna; (including the antenna Buried strong electric dark wires on the left and right sides, above the antenna, and in the azimuth wall where the antenna is located, if it is unavoidable, try not to bury it within 10cm)

Before turning on the power of the wireless signal jammer, tighten the antenna first. The antenna must be perpendicular to the antenna. The number marked on the antenna corresponds to the number marked on the antenna hole on the main unit. Don’t insert it wrong, and you can’t turn on the main unit directly without the antenna.

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