Why do many people say 5G is useless

New domestic 5G mobile phones are emerging this year, but many people still say: “5G is useless for me.” To give a simple example, the new iPhone SE, as a 4G mobile phone, has sold more than many domestic 5G phones since its launch. Cell phone. It shows that the public’s perception of 5G is really not strong.

So is 5G really useless? Let’s take a look at the current coverage of 5G signals. Taking the data provided by China Unicom as an example, we can see that Shenzhen’s 5G coverage has almost reached 50%. The urban area is basically fully covered, but many people still say that 5G is useless, which means that it is useless at this point in 2020. After the application of 5G, it is not as powerful as it once advertised.

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The main reason is that the following three aspects have not been implemented on 5G:

1. The cost of 5G packages remains high

2. Few application scenarios

3. Applications at other levels

Some people say that autonomous driving, telemedicine, and the Internet of Things all require 5G applications. In fact, when we think about it carefully, these are also our assumptions when we move from 3G to the 4G era. Things that have not been settled in the 4G era may still be unsolved in 5G. It is the most outrageous to talk about 5G on the Internet of Things, as everyone knows that the requirements of the Internet of Things on the network are: low power consumption, low cost, and reliability.

But isn’t 5G really useless? For ordinary people, yes, there is only a huge increase in network speed.

Last year’s overwhelming “everything can be 5G”, it seems that all technical problems can be solved with 5G. 5G can participate in all aspects of work. It is only today that I realized that 5G is not very helpful for these problems. What’s the problem? It can only be said that the excessive marketing of 5G mobile phones by mobile phone manufacturers in 2019 is not that 5G is useless, but not to the point where it is “must use” – cell phone jammer.

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