The reason why the mobile phone signal jammer is installed in the factory

With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, the number of mobile phone users in China has exceeded 900 million a few years ago. Nowadays, the smart functions of mobile phones continue to expand. In addition to basic call and text messaging functions, there are also
With more application functions such as digital cameras, camcorders, voice recorders, and Internet access. Why is it recommended to install a cell phone jammer on the factory floor? Because of these smart phone applications.

Wifi jammer five-route phone signal jammer

Although it greatly facilitates the communication between people, facilitates the transmission of information, and enriches people’s lives, mobile phones are actively promoting social development, but there is no shortage of them.
Disadvantages caused by the proliferation of mobile phones, for example, in the production workshops or assembly lines of some large factories and enterprises:

1. During production operations, workers often stop their work to answer mobile phones or reply to text messages due to a sudden call or text message.

2. Although some factories or enterprises require workers not to use mobile phones when working, there will always be unconscious people who use mobile phones secretly.

3. Some workshops require a quiet operating environment, and the work environment is disturbed by someone’s sudden ringtone, and the normal work of others is affected.

4. In some assembly lines, if an employee makes a call or flips through a mobile phone, it will cause the continuity of the entire assembly line and affect the production efficiency.

5. The production and processing process, processing technology, and product information of some companies belong to the company’s business secrets, but they may be used by individual employees with ulterior motives at any time.
It can easily leak confidential information with the phone’s camera, video and other functions.

6. Some chemical companies that are explosion-proof and flame-proof products must strictly restrict and eliminate the use of mobile phones in the factory.

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