In addition to signal jammers, what else can destroy the wireless signal?

In addition to the problem of signal jammer co-channel interference, there are some tips to improve the quality of the wireless network at home, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Most residents now have wireless routers deployed in their homes, and channel conflicts are inevitable. When we use the network, if we find instability, freezes, etc., we might as well switch to a channel with fewer access points. We can use the mobile app to view the usage of the surrounding network channels, and we can use the “wirelessmon” software to view the wireless channel conditions, and users can switch channels in time.

High power 30W effectively shields 2G 3G 4G 5G cell phone signal and WIFI signal jammers

Except that the wireless channel needs to be adjusted, the wireless router has some reservations about the transmission strength and power of the wireless signal before leaving the factory. By default, the transmit power of the wireless router is much lower than its own maximum power, which makes it possible for us to adjust the strength of the wireless signal. In the settings of the wireless router, we adjust the transmit power higher, the coverage and strength of the wireless signal will also increase. In this way, it is very easy to adjust the strength and coverage of the wireless signal by yourself. Or adjust the wireless router to “through the wall” mode, you can also achieve this effect. Increase the transmit power (don’t worry about radiation at all)

To improve the signal strength of the wireless network at home, changing the location of the wireless router is the easiest and most effective way. Take the most common two-bedroom house as an example. Most families live in two-bedroom houses of 50-90 square meters. Such a usable area is generally sufficient for a commercially available 300M wireless router, but there are still many netizens who say that their router’s wireless signal cannot cover the room well.

Place the wireless router in the center. In a general living room structure, the room is centered on the living room, but many users deploy the wireless router in the bedroom, which seriously affects the wireless signal coverage. Therefore, what we have to do is to move the wireless router from the bedroom to the living room, so that the wireless router will be in the center of the room, and the wireless signal coverage will be in the best condition.

After these adjustments, still can’t achieve satisfactory wireless network coverage? If you are a large-sized user, you can consider using power modems or wireless repeaters to extend the wireless network to areas with poor coverage.

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