Colleges and universities should not let the classroom “head down”

If you don’t bring textbooks in class, you must bring a power bank, and you will scan Weibo and Moments every few minutes. In the classroom, the “head-down family” of college students had fun, but ignored the teacher’s feelings. In class, in order to pull the students back from their mobile phones, the teachers had their own tricks. Some failed and some temporarily gained the upper hand. Yesterday, a college teacher said with emotion that the mobile phone has become a “third party who can’t call back.” (April 27, “Wuhan Evening News”)

The phenomenon of college students indulging in playing with mobile phones in class will undoubtedly arouse the worries of students’ parents and even the whole society. One of the worries is that, in a sense, all the bits and pieces of knowledge a child learns in college is “buy” for the child by his parents with hard-earned money. If a child doesn’t study a lesson carefully, it is tantamount to a waste of a small amount of “investment” from his parents. The second worry is that college students who play chic and do not study at school, and do not have any skills, will inevitably encounter difficulties in job hunting when they graduate. Even if “Fighting Dad” enters a unit, he may not be able to make any progress in the workplace.

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The fundamental reason why college students suffer verbal criticism while playing mobile phones in class is that it is not beneficial to their studies. What are you going to do with your mobile phone? It’s nothing more than playing games, browsing Weibo, texting, watching movies… these recreational and entertaining things will not only “smash into pieces” the good times of college students, but also easily make them suffer from “mobile phone dependence”. “. So, how can I have the mind and energy to do a good job in school? It’s really lost in playing the “machine”!

Nowadays, some college graduates always lament the difficulty of getting a job, but they don’t know that many units are also lamenting: It is really difficult to find college graduates with real talents. Imagine that when you are in school, students’ mobile phones have become the “non-retiable third party” in colleges and universities. What skills should they use to obtain a position when they are employed? It should be admitted that some college students are addicted to playing with mobile phones because of poor self-control, shallow social experience, and lack of ideals and beliefs. How to pull students back from their mobile phones, colleges and universities should actively explore various countermeasures and make a difference. Or “delineate a hard bar” in school rules, such as the implementation of “no mobile phone classroom”, for those who bring mobile phones to class in violation of the regulations and the circumstances are serious, they will be expelled as required by some universities in the United States. Or take high-tech methods and use cell phone jammer in the classroom. In short, as a university that teaches and educates people, it is not allowed to let playing mobile phones in class become a “unsolvable problem”. It is the responsibility of colleges and universities to educate and restrain college students’ improper behavior, and don’t let it go because it is difficult to manage.

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