Detailed explanation of the technical advantages and product characteristics of 4G mobile phone signal jammer

Advantages of existing technology of mobile phone signal jammer: (1) The new cell phone jammer can already achieve the IMSI number obtained in the 4G mode, which does not disturb the people, does not interfere, and is environmentally friendly; (2) Which floor in that area has a mobile phone violation alarm, that Continue Reading

Mobile phone signal jammers will be fully deployed in the Vienna Concert Hall this year

Enjoying music in the concert hall itself is a very beautiful thing, but when listening to music, mobile phone ringing often happens, which not only disturbs all the audience here, but also disrupts the rhythm of the orchestra’s performance. It is precisely because of the repeated occurrences of the ringing Continue Reading

Special analysis on mobile base station interference

As mobile communication transitions from the second generation to the third generation, new technologies are constantly being applied, and new mobile networks are constantly being built, making radio frequency resources increasingly tense, and various potential sources of interference are constantly emerging at an alarming rate. The existence of these interferences Continue Reading