Mobile phone signal jammers will be fully deployed in the Vienna Concert Hall this year

Enjoying music in the concert hall itself is a very beautiful thing, but when listening to music, mobile phone ringing often happens, which not only disturbs all the audience here, but also disrupts the rhythm of the orchestra’s performance. It is precisely because of the repeated occurrences of the ringing of mobile phones that the infield of the Vienna Concert Hall will fully deploy¬†cell phone jammer¬†this year.

8-band portable GSM 4G jammer can also interfere with WiFi 2.4G GPS frequency

According to the official person in charge of the Vienna Concert Hall, mobile phone ringing is common in concerts, and some security preparations have been made for the effect of the performance. For example, it is forbidden for anyone to carry mobile phones and other communication equipment, but the effect is not satisfactory. Many people still carry mobile phones in their own way, which has a greater negative impact on the entire appreciation process.

Fortunately, after the full deployment of mobile phone signal jammers, no mobile phone ringing occurred in the concert hall. Although some people will complain after the performance, complaining that there is no mobile phone signal in the infield, but such a measure is definitely worthwhile for the entire performance and the audience.

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