Why do mobile phone signal jammers need to be equipped with directional antennas?

If you need to shield the key areas in the gas station, and minimize the impact on the surrounding of the gas station, you can also replace the cell phone jammer with a directional antenna. The appropriate device position of the directional antenna is generally easier to find in the gas station.

Replacement of directional antennas can generally be applied to the signal in the working area of ​​the gas station that needs to be reserved, or where there are outside units within the vicinity of the gas station or where it does not need to be shielded.

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If the theater or the venue has strict requirements on the shielding area (for example, the rostrum retains the signal, and the auditorium is completely shielded), it will not affect the periphery.
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It is necessary to replace the antennas of all mobile phone jammers with directional antennas, and at the same time, use mobile phone jammers with smoothly adjustable transmission power of each channel as much as possible.

The installation in the theater needs to pay attention to that the height of the mobile phone signal jammer is generally 1.8-3.0 meters, if the conditions permit. As far as possible, during the decoration and construction of the theater, there should be movable openings in the soundproof cotton or decorative panels of the pre-embellished position to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the mobile phone shielding device in the future. It is enough to leave 220V power supply at each estimated point.

The mobile phone signal jammer + omnidirectional antenna can be directly selected, and a point is estimated at regular intervals along the wall around the theater.

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