How to use campus cell phone signal jammer reasonably?

The popularity of mobile phones has brought inconvenience to the teaching and management of campuses. In order to prohibit students from using mobile phones in school and better restrain students from studying, campuses adopt mobile phone signal jammers to interfere with the practice of shielding mobile phone signals. However, as a manufacturer of cell phone signal jammers, Haisi Zhongtuo needs to remind campuses of the reasonable application of mobile phone signal jammers.

The mobile phone signal jammers installed on campuses approved and installed should not be turned on for a long time in daily teaching activities. The teaching task is to follow the good temptation to turn on the mobile phone signal blocker for a long time to force students to stop using the mobile phone. This should be a kind of encouragement and may have counterproductive effects.

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Students should also recognize that learning should be the main focus at this stage. Mobile entertainment can relieve stress. The installation of Lintron technology mobile phone shields on campus is also an act of assisting students in their schoolwork. A harmonious state should be reached between the campus and students. For example, many campuses have signed agreements with students on the rational use of mobile phones. Even some campus classrooms have “mobile phone corners” set up for students to actively place them during class. Phone. This is a good plan.

The campus can install the Haisi Zhongtuo cell phone signal jammer, but it needs to be used reasonably and the cell phone jammer is used in the same standard to avoid major troubles to students and surrounding residents, such as turning on the phone signal jammer only during the campus exam. Wait.

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