What should I pay attention to when installing and using mobile phone signal shielding equipment?

Standard installation method of each component of mobile phone signal shielding system

The components of cell phone jammer equipment generally include: host, antenna, and power adapter. When installing the mobile phone jammer, because there is a strong signal magnetic field within a certain distance between the host and the antenna (usually 20-30 cm), and there is also magnetic field interference around the 220V power line (strong current) (usually 5-10 cm), so , How to place the installation position of each component is very important. Incorrect placement may cause interference to the transmission of the shielding signal and affect the shielding effect. The standard installation spacing of each component of the mobile phone shielding device are as follows:
The power adapter should be more than 20cm away from the host; (If the mobile phone jammer is installed, due to the limitation of the site installation environment, it is not possible to keep the power away, you can place the power adapter under the host of the jammer. After adopting this method, The power adapter will still suffer some interference from the strong magnetic field of the mobile phone jammer host, but it will receive less interference compared to placing the power adapter on both sides of the host.) There is no strong electric line within 20cm of the antenna ( AC220V); (including the left and right sides of the antenna, above the antenna, the strong electric dark wires embedded in the wall where the antenna is located, etc., if it is unavoidable, please try not to be within 10cm of the antenna).

Portable cell phone signal jammer

The installation height of the jammer should be no less than 1.8 meters from the ground.

When the installation location is less than 200 meters from the base station, the shielding effect is inversely proportional to the distance from the base station. That is, the closer the base station, the smaller the shielding radius.
Tighten the antenna before powering on. The antenna must be kept vertical (⊥). The numbers marked on the antenna must correspond to the numbers marked on the antenna hole on the main unit. Don’t plug it in wrongly, let alone turn on the main unit without connecting the antenna.
Frequently Asked Questions about the Use of Mobile Phone Signal Jammer
1. Why is the shielding range different from that described in the manual when the jammer is working?
Answer: The shielding range of the jammer is related to the strong electromagnetic field at the shielding site and the distance from the communication station. Generally the best is 200 meters away. The manufacturer has tested it under normal conditions, so the shielding range will be slightly different.
2. Will there be radiation when the mobile phone signal is shielded, and is it harmful to the human body?
Answer: Regarding radiation, as long as electronic products are large and small, there will be radiation. Any piece of electrical equipment will have radiation. Just like the mobile phones we usually use, it is inevitable that there will be radiation when leaning against our ears every day. The country has also set a standard for mobile phone radiation. The radiation generated by mobile phone signal jammers is much lower than the national standard, and it is not necessary to rely on it every day. Next to the ear, so there is almost no harm to the human body.

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