Will the car GPS signal jammer affect the mobile phone network signal?

In today’s society, wireless cell phone signal jammers are used more and more widely, and signal jammers are needed in many occasions, so there are some car dealers and special occasions that need to shield the GPS location system of the vehicle.

Then GPS jammer will be used here, and some users will be worried about whether it will affect the mobile phone network signal. If the GPS wireless signal jammer is turned on, the phone can still make calls.

8-band portable GSM 4G jammer can also interfere with WiFi 2.4G GPS frequency

It should be explained here that shielding the GS signal will not affect the normal call. The frequency band of the system is between 1570-1580MHz, and the GPS shielding is carefully set before leaving the factory, so there is no need to worry.

There are two ways to shield GPS signals:

First: The most direct thing is to remove the two wires of the GPS host. This is one of the dumbest methods.

Second: Go to the electronics market to buy a GPS signal jammer, but you must first distinguish what signal tracking method the GPS on your car uses. There are only two ways of signal tracking:

(1) Cell phone signal.

(2) Direct satellite tracking signal. Generally, most GPS tracking signals use mobile phone signals, because this method enables GPS operators to make more money. The GPS signal jammer shell has 1 antenna, 2 antennas and 3 antennas. One thing to remember is to look for the brand, many of which are made by small workshops. poor effect. Remember to figure out what kind of signal tracking your car uses before buying.

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