Mobile phone shielding equipment interference detection result report

At present, the existing mobile phone shielding equipment in a prison in Cangzhou has serious uplink interference to the mobile company’s 3G/4G system, which seriously affects the quality of the 3G/4G network operation and causes a large number of complaints from the public.

For this reason, the cell phone jammer equipment sample provided by Shanghai Co., Ltd. was tested near the mobile base station under the organization of Cangzhou Radio Administration and Cangzhou Mobile Company. The sample frequency is stable, the synchronization technology is solid, and no obvious uplink interference is detected.

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Engineering machines are generally used for high-demand and high-standard projects, and their characteristics require stable performance and 24-hour uninterrupted operation. The ordinary machine is a general household machine, its performance is unknown, and there is a problem that affects the use of other people’s signals.
So, how to use the mobile phone signal jammer?

1. Make sure that it is le gal to use the jammer;

Second, try to choose engineering machines with reliable performance;

Three, please professional team to install, ensure that it is in the shielding range and does not affect others around;

Fourth, turn on the power to run the machine, and automatically shield the signal within the shielding range.

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