What are the advantages of engineering-grade mobile phone signal jammers over other jammers?

How to choose and use engineering-grade signal jammer? What is engineering-gradeĀ cell phone jammer? In fact, engineering-grade mobile phone jammers are derived from the hardware upgrade of ordinary mobile phone signal jammers. They are more refined in workmanship, more wear-resistant and heat-resistant, and faster in heat dissipation. They can be used for more than 48 hours of continuous standby. Generally, the machine is used in engineering construction, important examination places, and places that need to be turned on for a long time. How to choose a good engineering-grade mobile phone signal jammer?

Powerful WiFi Jammer with 12 Antennas 3G 4G LTE Wimax-GPS-LOJACK Blocker

Features of engineering-grade mobile phone signal jammer

1. Effectively shield CDMA (China Telecom), GSM (China Mobile, China Unicom), SCDMA (Netcom Da Lingtong), DCS (1800MHz), PCS

(1900MHz), PHS (Telecom PHS), 3G/4G/GPS/5.8G/Beidou. Wait for all communication signals such as cell phone signals and walkie-talkies signals,

2. Ultra-thick shell, using dual-fan high heat dissipation white aluminum shell, the surface can be OEM or silk screen logo according to customer needs (silk printing service is provided free of charge)

3. The transmitting power of 25W can be used on the cigarette lighter vehicle.

4. The effective shielding distance is adjustable from 1-25 meters (debugged before leaving the factory)

Isolation range

1-25 meters (about 10-300 square meters, the shielding range can be adjusted according to the required place)

Available type

All mobile phones/interphones/Lingtong/PHS GPS wireless signal/wireless earphones, etc.


Both indoor and outdoor

About the principle and characteristics of the mobile phone signal jammer The mobile phone signal jammer scans from the low end frequency of the forward channel to the high end at a certain speed during the working process. This scanning speed can cause garbled interference in the message signal received by the mobile phone, and the mobile phone cannot detect it. The normal data sent from the base station prevents the mobile phone from establishing a connection with the base station. The mobile phone is manifested as a search network, no signal, no service system and other phenomena.

Mobile phone signal shielding

The working principle of the mobile phone signal jammer is that within a certain frequency range, the mobile phone and the base station are connected by radio waves, and the data and sound transmission is completed with a certain baud rate and modulation method. So what are the characteristics of the mobile phone signal jammer? The mobile phone signal jammer only shields the mobile phone signals in the examination room, does not interfere with the mobile phones outside the exam room, and will not interfere with the base station. It only shields the mobile phone signals and does not affect the normal operation of other electronic equipment. Shield the downlink frequency of the transmitting base station without affecting the uplink frequency. The mobile phone signal jammer is simple to operate, install the antenna correctly, and it can run automatically when the power is turned on. It is green and environmentally friendly. The electromagnetic field strength is far lower than the national standard and has no impact on the human body.

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